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07.01.2019 Android version has been released.

mbeat : Make your videos dance to the rhythm! Fun music videos with a twist!


What is mbeat?


mbeat: Make your videos dance to the rhythm!
Fun music videos with a twist!

  • Spice up your videos, or add a bit of fun!

  • Give your video a dance vibe!

  • You set the length of your video. Make sure you fit in all the best moments!

[ Perfect for Instagram ]  [ Celebrities love it ]

mbeat picks out highlights from your videos and rearranges them in sync with the music. It’s like your video is dancing to the beat.

Make your video fun, lively and upbeat. Make your video bittersweet, cute or stylish.

Create a video that dances to the rhythm, wherever you are or whatever you’re doing. Share on SNS and enjoy with your friends.

Use a clip you’ve just filmed or something that’s already on your Android device.

[ Positive user feedback ]

“I love it! These videos are so much fun!”

“I’m amazed at this app’s high tech functionality!”

“I can’t stop laughing at this video!”

[ You can use mbeat with anyone, anywhere, anytime. ]

Excellent for school, home, business, parties, hanging out, dates, vacations.

A great way to celebrate connections with friends, family, and colleagues

Capture parties in a unique way: Birthday Parties, Halloween Parties, Holidays, New Year’s countdowns, Barbecues, Tailgate parties, and so on.

Great for Sports and Outdoor Activities: Dance, Street Basketball, BMX, Cross sports, Motocross, Skateboarding, etc.

Delightful for children and children’s parties

Shows off your pet’s tricks and cutest moments

Turns travelogues into adventures

How to

basic operation

Do you play more?

[ Play around with the app! Try out different options for the videos you make! ]

The basic function of the app is that you choose a video and select some music according to your mood. The app then automatically creates a new video for you.

Add a touch of surprise! Change the feel of a video completely! Do something to your footage you just haven’t thought about before!

Try making videos for yourself once you’ve experienced this. You can do it over and over again.

  •  Select your favorite moments.
  • Use “Shuffle” to rearrange the order of your video. There are up to 5,000 combinations.

[ Use “Dual” to combine two videos or one video + one photo! ]

See what it feels like to be a VJ. Why not try combining two videos of contrasting moods and styles! The outcome may not be what you expect! It might be totally different to what you thought! See your videos in a completely new light!

You can also combine videos and photos. Choose a photo that’s suitable as a single still image. Then insert it into your video footage.

“Dual” works in just the same way as “Single”.

[ Incorporate audio clips in your video with the music!? ]

Videos are more than just moving images, right? The audio on a video can be memorable too: screams of laughter, spontaneous reactions, words or phrases that just get blurted out, even just the noise of a machine. Use “7PinPoints” to incorporate selected audio into the music.

[ Enjoy the videos you make on the Home Screen ]

The videos you make are stored on the Home Screen. Swipe up or down to go to the next video. Maximize the fun and enjoyment of a video you’ve made by playing it back in a loop.

[ Share function is now even better ]

One of the great things about mbeat videos is watching them over and over again. Create looped videos so that your friends can join in the fun.

[ Different types of music to make your videos dance to!? ]

mbeat has a wide range of music styles to give your videos some dance appeal. In addition to dance music styles like EDM, Dubstep/Trap, Glitch Hop, Drum’n Bass, Hip Hop, Reggae, House, Techno/Trance, you can also choose Rock or game music. mbeat is packed full of different tracks, with more tunes and genres to be added. Watch this space!

  • TEMPO: Select from five speeds
  • IMAGE: Choose from five images (moods) – fun, bittersweet, intense, cute, or stylish.
  • Add audio from your video to music by using the MIX function. Moving the yellow horizontal slider on the screen over to the far left sets the voice of your video to a distinctive beat.


  • OS

    Android 7.0 or later

  • Additional function

    Currently under development