Whats new!!

2021.01.21 / Update ver.4.3.0

We’ve released three new functions: Recommendations / Favorites / History.

– You can now select music from Recommendations, Favorites, and History.

– Struggling to choose a song for yourself? View Recommendations to see what mbeat suggests!

– Add your favorite songs to Favorites so you can easily use them for future videos.

– All the songs you’ve used in previous videos are stored in History. Perfect for quickly tracking down a song you’ve used before!

2020.12.12 / Update ver.4.2.0

Enhanced functionality lets you synchronize text with music, in addition to video and special effects functions.

-Use the timeline function to sync text with videos and music.

-Pinch the screen to rotate or enlarge/reduce.

2020.07.01 / Update ver.4.1.0

Now with enhanced Dual function (video + video or video + photo image)

2020.06.06 / Large-size Update ver.4.0

mbeat enables users to make quick and easy, high quality music videos. We’ve now enhanced the app to give you more ways to express yourself.

Add text to your video. Use your own words to tell a story with your video.

Mix together videos with different screen sizes. Mash up your own videos with videos from your friends, regardless of dates or locations!

Ideal for Instagram, TikTok, YouTube. Also works for Twitter size videos! Don’t worry – edges won’t be cut off.


What is mbeat?


mbeat: The new wave app that has caused a worldwide sensation in over 130 countries already!

  • Spice up your videos, or add a bit of fun!

  • Give your video a dance vibe!

  • You set the length of your video. Make sure you fit in all the best moments!

[ Perfect for Instagram ]  [ Celebrities love it ]

mbeat is a fun music app for creating short videos (10 secs or so) from your phone or mobile device – the results are amazing!
It picks out key moments from your video and sets them to music. Your video looks like it’s dancing to the beat!

mbeat doesn’t just add music to a video, more the other way round.
The video is customized to fit to the music – you’ve never experienced anything like it!
It’s as if someone’s rearranged and recut your video or altered its timeline.

Share your videos with family and friends.

– Double your “likes” on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook!
– Stand out on TikTok!
– Cause a sensation when you share your videos on LINE!

[ Positive user feedback ]

“I love it! These videos are so much fun!”

“I’m amazed at this app’s high tech functionality!”

“I can’t stop laughing at this video!”

[ You can use mbeat with anyone, anywhere, anytime. ]

Excellent for school, home, business, parties, hanging out, dates, vacations.

A great way to celebrate connections with friends, family, and colleagues

Capture parties in a unique way: Birthday Parties, Halloween Parties, Holidays, New Year’s countdowns, Barbecues, Tailgate parties, and so on.

Great for Sports and Outdoor Activities: Dance, Street Basketball, BMX, Cross sports, Motocross, Skateboarding, etc.

Delightful for children and children’s parties

Shows off your pet’s tricks and cutest moments

Turns travelogues into adventures

How to

basic operation

Do you play more?

[ New feature 1: Use words to tell a story with your video ]

– Enhance your video with added text!
– Add a short explanation or try inserting your own commentary.
– Choose from Classic, Impact, Cute, Brush, Pixel, SCI-FI, Handwriting fonts.

 [ New feature 2: Enhanced mashup function! ]

– Use the improved “Double” function to create new content by combining videos together!
– Now you can combine videos with different screen aspects (e.g. portrait and landscape)!
– Mash up your own videos with videos from your friends, regardless of date or location!
– Unexpected and unpredictable – you’ll be surprised and amazed by the results!

 [ New feature 3: Compatibility with different social media screen sizes ]

– Adjust the size (aspect ratios) of your videos for Instagram, TikTok, YouTube or Twitter. (1:1, 9:16, 16:9, 3:4, 4:3)
– Video edges won’t be cut off.
– Make videos that look great whatever social media platform you’re on!

 [ Use these built-in functions to fine-tune the videos you have created in the app ]

7 pin points

Highlight 7 scenes
The app registers voice as well as motion, so you can also create fun videos based on voices (rapping-style format, for example)


Apply different effects to your videos
Easy to use. Simply push the button to automatically insert effects.


Arrange your 7 scenes in random order
Adds an extra element of surprise!

[ Incorporate audio clips in your video with the music!? ]

Videos are more than just moving images, right? The audio on a video can be memorable too: screams of laughter, spontaneous reactions, words or phrases that just get blurted out, even just the noise of a machine. Use “7PinPoints” to incorporate selected audio into the music.

[ Enjoy the videos you make on the Home Screen ]

The videos you make are stored on the Home Screen. Swipe up or down to go to the next video. Maximize the fun and enjoyment of a video you’ve made by playing it back in a loop.

[ Share function is now even better ]

One of the great things about mbeat videos is watching them over and over again. Create looped videos so that your friends can join in the fun.

[ Different types of music to make your videos dance to!? ]

mbeat has a wide range of music styles to give your videos some dance appeal. In addition to dance music styles like EDM, Dubstep/Trap, Glitch Hop, Drum’n Bass, Hip Hop, Reggae, House, Techno/Trance, you can also choose Rock or game music. mbeat is packed full of different tracks, with more tunes and genres to be added. Watch this space!

  • TEMPO: Select from five speeds
  • IMAGE: Choose from five images (moods) – fun, bittersweet, intense, cute, or stylish.
  • Add audio from your video to music by using the MIX function. Moving the yellow horizontal slider on the screen over to the far left sets the voice of your video to a distinctive beat.


  • Devices

    iPhone 5s / iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus / iPhone 6s / iPhone 6s Plus / iPhone SE / iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus / iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 Plus / iPhone X / iPhone XS / iPhone XS Max / iPhone ⅩR / iPhone 11 / iPhone 11 Pro / iPhone 11 Pro Max

    iPad Air2 / iPad 5(2017) / iPad mini4 / iPad Pro 12.9inch / iPad Pro2 12.9inch / iPad Pro 9.7inch / iPad Pro 10.5inch / iPad Pro 11inch / iPad Pro3 12.9inch

  • OS

    iOS 11.4 or later

  • Additional function

    Currently under development